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17 Aug 2017

Build signed apk | genrate signed apk from ionic project to launch

Submitted bytrickyworld

Hi guys, After long time I’m back with my post. Today i’m going to show you how to build android apk for launch. I will show you the step by step information to genrate signed APK from cordova or ionic app. Just follow below steps: 1. Go to your app root directory. 2. Add android platform:

cordova platform add android

(use sudo if required) 3. Genrate unsigned apk, using below command.

17 Jun 2016

Download SEO Tips E-book Free

Submitted bytrickyworld

Hi Guys, I am sharing SEO Tips E-book With you. This book contain Quick and powerful technique of SEO. Book Author : Michael Torbert This Book include following topics: Why SEO Is Important

Tip #1: SEO Friendly Images

Tip #2: SEO Plugins

Tip #3: Meta Descriptions

Tip #4: Keyword Placement

Tip #5: Linking Strategies Bonus: 5 SEO Mistakes to Avoid You can download this book from below links.

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