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05 Mar 2015

Hack Candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga full life within minute

Submitted bytrickyworld
Hay Guys Today i will show you the amazing trick to hack candy crush saga with full life. Say No!  to send them request to increase your life in candy crush saga android game. You will get full of life in your candy crush saga and candy crush soda saga within a minute. Follow simple steps: 1. Open candy crush saga game and play till you have no life. 2. Open setting and go to Date and Time setting. 3. tap on set date and Time. 4. Change current date to any future date . 5.
23 Feb 2012

Email Forge

Submitted bytrickyworld
 1. Some ISP's block port 25 so it might not work 2. Most likely, you won't be able to see what yer typing First of all, you need an SMTP server. These are extremely common and, in fact, I'll provide one for you (mail.hotmail.com).
22 Feb 2012

Create A Huge File

Submitted bytrickyworld
Create A Huge File You can create a file of any size using nothing more than what's supplied with Windows. Start by converting the desired file size into hexadecimal notation. You can use the Windows Calculator in Scientific mode do to this.
22 Feb 2012

How to configure open with

Submitted bytrickyworld
Any of you that do websites and like to open .html and similar files in notepad to edit scrpits, this is THE coolest windows registry edit ever you can download the zip file with the .reg in it (run it and it automatically adds itself to your registry) or do it manually CODE
08 Dec 2010

How to crack Password of BIOS in Window

Submitted bytrickyworld
Here is the best way to crack BIOS password in windows: Step By Step Just follow and crack BIOS Password
  •  Boot up windows.
  • Go to dos-prompt or go to command prompt directly from the windows start up menu.
  • Type the command at the prompt: "debug".
  • Type the following lines now exactly as given.......
    • o 70 10
    • o 71 20
    • quit
    • exit
4) Exit from the

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